Reconnecting with the body after injury or impact: 
Rebuilding muscle awareness by utilizing mindful movement and deep rest, naturally aids recovery and builds deep resiliency

  • yoga paired with traditional health care to support the individual in recovery
  • injury support and sensitive back care to improve quality of life
  • specialized private classes and small therapeutic groups


Befriending the Body –
Combining yoga, deep relaxation and self care.  Deep rest effects all aspects of health.  Often one does not realize how much rest and support can nourish the body

Cultivating Trust & Deep Listening –
Building trust, creating safety, and moving mindfully is the focus in this practice and taking time, listening to oneself and gentle transitions are key

Moving with Awareness –
Moving into simple yoga poses with awareness in a slow meditative style, as well as allowing oneself to stop anywhere along the way, helps the participant cultivate more breathing room inside the body, as well as in life

Personal Reflection, Choice & Self Care –
When one begins to observe and understand oneself better, when one begins to discover personal preferences and acknowledge strengths as well as limitations, healthy choices can happen more easily.  Sustaining these choices then comes from an authentic place of self care

Allowing Honesty & Acceptance –
Allowing natural awareness, honestly listening to personal limits and reminding the breath how to move freely, invites a soothing quality to the nervous system.  The nervous system begins to “cool down” and regulate the body when a person slows down and starts to build upon self care.  This soothing of the nervous system affects all aspects of health

Returning to Health with:  Support, Self Care, Deep Rest & Deep Resiliency


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