Restorative Yoga

Unwind  –  Deep rest effects all aspects of health

  • rest on yoga props and pillows
  •  gentle supported yoga postures to restore the physical body
  • a invitation to experience the most luxurious of all Yoga


General Concept:
The idea within Restorative Yoga is that through supported conscious relaxation, the body can find its way back to health.  Safety and support are key in this yoga practice. Restorative yoga calms the body and cools the central nervous system so that the natural “relaxation response” can be found.  The “relaxation response” in turn supports the immune system, and the individual can be invited to come back into balance and health by simply resting.

These classes focus on subtle movement, deeply restful supported yoga poses, natural breath cycles and body awareness.  The participants will learn how to get into and out of the yoga postures safely and how to check in with personal comfort and how to adjust themselves to support and accommodate their individual needs.  During each class participants receive personal attention around how to customize the yoga postures to fit their unique body shape.

This is a gentle type of class for all ages and can accommodate all types of physical abilities. No knowledge of yoga required.  All levels of experience and flexibility are welcome.

Current Schedule:

– Restorative Yoga Classes
Restorative Yoga Vancouver: hosted at The Path Yoga Centre
Tuesdays 7:30-9pm, all are welcome to attend
$10-20 sliding scale, 90min class, all props provided

– Therapeutic Restorative Classes:
Thursdays 5:45-7pm at Sitka Physio and Wellness

small class size & space is limited

– Restorative Yoga Vancouver:
Mentoring, Peer Support and Teaching Practicum 

Various weekend workshops throughout the year
We hold our classes as a learning environment for teachers who want to embody the practice of restorative yoga.  We invite you to come in and receive a class with us.
If you feel called to practice further, we have four progressions to grow as a teacher and practice your skills.  Be part of our community and participate in a unique teaching practicum.

To book a private class or group class please contact Christy directly


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