Relaxation Training,  Restorative Yoga and Deep Resiliency

Yin training – for beauty, vitality, health and recuperation

  • movement in a gentle way to recover & train your body
  • understand the importance of rest & the role it plays in regeneration
  • train yourself to release old sensations, unwind patterns & grow new strength


General Concept:
Original Yin personal training provides a path to rejuvenation, strength and wellness through gentle yin exercises that are accessible to people of all ages.

Our collection of unique customized equipment is the foundation for exercises that promote increased breath capacity, encourage weight loss and better rest, and generally help the body to care for itself.

The training principles are based on qi gong, which fosters the free flow of energy throughout the body using exercise, breath and awareness. 

Our aim is to achieve health with a gentle training program in which energy is well distributed throughout the body. 

This approach combines Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and modern science to provide a healthy relaxed atmosphere that encourages vibrancy and recovery.

Imagine a calm quiet space to rest in (with heat and support) and modern equipment to train on (gently building core strength) mixed together to help your body find a new way of doing things.  Learn a process to find your personal strength, let go of tension and enhance ease. 

The world we live in is full of busyness, doing and high production.  One could say that the world today is very Yang.  This studio offers an alternative to the busyness, a quiet place to rest, a Yin experience and a unique way of finding your balance and equilibrium.

Equipment & Effects:

Yoga Slings
Yoga Bolsters
Memory Foam Pillows
Infrared Heat Lamps

The Gyro Gym

  • Creates a profoundly relaxing and rejuvenating sensation of floating
  • Deeply conditions the core
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Improves balance and posture
  • Trains and rehabilitates joint and soft tissue damage

Range of Motion (ROM) Machine

  • Rebuilds the soft tissue around joint, increasing strength and range of motion
  • Develops the core
  • Develops the full range of individual muscles

Haider BIOSWING Posturemed
 – sensory motor training machines

  • Improved balance lays the necessary foundation to improve core stability and strength
  • Improved balance leads to improvements in coordination, muscle strength, lung capacity and visual acuity
  • Aids in correcting longstanding patterns of postural imbalances
  • Builds nerve pathways between the brain and body
  • Alleviates chronic back pain

Bowflex Revolution Machines

  • Open the sacral and lumbar spine and hips
  • Subtly engages dormant muscles
  • Builds 10-pack abs
  • Improves digestion and sleep
  • Allows the body to let go, promoting movement into the healing state of the parasympathetic nervous system

Stott Pilates Reformer and Trapeze

  • Strengthens joints and muscles with springs, rather than straining them with weights.
  • Builds strength and flexibility resulting from injury, illness or habit
  • Develops strong core muscles
  • Builds bone density

3D Smith Jones Machine

  • Allows body to fully release into space
  • Strengthens the core
  • Opens the hip joints
  • Recruits under-utilized muscles
  • Detoxifies and reduces stagnation by applying prolonged stimulation to TCM meridian points

To book a private or group training session please contact Christy directly.

General Information:
To book a private training session, group training session, treatment or private rental at the centre with the owner please contact:
Albert Chang
Original Yin
 – Gym & Wellness Centre
434 West 8th Avenue (at Cambie street) Vancouver BC
Mon-Fri 10am-12pm 3:30pm-7:30pm, Sat 12pm-2pm, Sun & Holidays closed
Private sessions & rentals are available at other times by appointment

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