Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Self awareness, acknowledgement & authentic insight

  • integrate life experience 
  • yoga postures combined with dialogue to explore the mind-body connection
  • a method to check-in within oneself
  • understand life transitions
  • get to know the body with support
  • find efficient movement and get to know oneself better
  • connecting with personal choices to navigate life authentically
  • experience a method of movement without effort
  • assisted yoga postures with minimal effort
  • unassisted yoga postures with effort


General Concept:
A yoga therapy method of supported movement into and out of yoga postures, with self reflection and dialogue. 

This approach can help to address a variety of things: a stiff body, an injury, or a life event and personal transition.  Imagine having a conversation with yourself to get to know yourself better, to learn what some of your preferences are and to understand where your personal limits may lie. Client directed, in no way perscriptive.

TIME Magazine  Psychotherapy Goes from Couch to Yoga Mat article about Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Sessions – by appointment,
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Phoenix Rising Yoga Classes

Simple movement with personal reflections and insights

build awareness through yoga postures and breath
• a traditional Hatha yoga class combined with the invitation to open up to what is present in each moment
• conscious language is used throughout the class to add to the layers of personal exploration

General Concept:
The participants get to reflect on questions as they move into and out of yoga poses or rest in stillness.  The idea is that they begin to notice personal limits and choose the yoga forms from a place of awareness.  The class is a experience for them to get to know themselves better, learn about their preferences and make informed choices.

Phoenix Rising yoga classes can be offered in a 8 week series focusing on one theme per class or each theme can be taught as a single class.

Some themes:

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Spring Update 2018:

Currently no public Phoenix Rising Yoga classes
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