Gentle Back Care Yoga


Self care by encouraging ability and understanding personal limits

  • a slow, back-sensitive yoga class
  • a program designed to suit individual needs
  • learn about support & strategy 
  • options to practice on a chair


General Concept:
A great way to help the participant practice making choices.  This class fosters learning how to personally adapt and modify movements to meet specific needs.  Gentle strength building, resting and muscle group education help the participants understand it is a process toward greater movement and health.  The participants are introduced to options around how to support themselves within their recovery, how less is truly more and how to take effective action.  Education and support around how to observe and listen to their personal limits in a daily way and work within them to release tension holding patterns.

To book a private class or group class please contact Christy directly

Spring Update 2018:

Currently no public Gentle Back Care classes
Contact St Paul’s Hospital Healthy Heart program directly
Research Project Yoga For Stress Management Almost Complete

Currently no public Hatha Yoga classes
Contact St Paul’s Hospital Eating Disorder program directly


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