“I believe we can all improve our quality of life and my hope is to encourage
participants to reconnect with themselves wherever they are in their health and limitations.
I hope to inspire students to find positive change, by creating alternative solutions,
within ourselves and our environment”         ~ Christy Forman



Christy Forman C-IAYT PRYT E-RYT500 ARRT® 

Focus:  Brain Health, Development & Wellness; Yoga in Recovery & Rehabilitation; Restorative Yoga & Sleep Support 

Special Interest:  Rest & the Role it Plays in Regeneration,  Stress Reduction & Strategy,  Rehabilitation Science & Nutrition,  Self-Care & Resiliency,  Chronic Pain & Persistent Pain,  Understanding Life Impacts & Trauma Recovery,  Motivation & Endurance,  Meditation & Mental Health

Yoga Training:  2002 – Present
Personal Yoga Practice:  1997 – Present

Christy Forman
s passionate about bringing yoga into clinic environments and hospital settings.  She believes yoga can support the individual in recovery when paired with traditional health care.

Christy specializes in private classes, injury support, recovery and sensitive back care.  She teaches private sessions as well as classes at a physiotherapy clinic, at a rehabilitation centre and brings classes into various hospitals in Vancouver BC Canada.

She believes we can all improve our quality of life.  She is passionate about teaching others how to find health again and has been doing so for the past decade.

Christy began her studies a number of years ago, when she used yoga principles along side Traditional Western Medicine to help heal from sports injuries and car accidents.  Her personal recovery led her on a road to study alternative medicine, rehabilitation science, the art of deep relaxation and self care.  Over time she began to take her personal interests and share them with others.  She credits yoga in helping to expand her potential by complementing her maintenance program and optimizing her training for various sports.  

She continues to study globally with many senior yoga teachers and she enjoys assisting at yoga teacher trainings and yoga therapy trainings.  She mentors both new and seasoned teachers, runs community practice days, supports student practicum classes as well as designs and develops various mental health programs.

Christy is interested in cultivating community and support programs for yoga teachers, healthcare workers and the wider public.  She is an active community member, volunteering and supporting teachers, to start up yoga programming in various settings with the focus to empower the beginner student and marginalized populations.  She has recently been a volunteer coordinator at St. Paul’s Hospital where she was working with staff, yoga therapist’s and local yoga teachers to bring programming to healthy heart patients.

Christy is a senior assistant to Judith Hanson Lasater during workshops and trainings and she enjoys teaching others about restorative yoga and the art of deep relaxation and self-care.  Her most influential teachers and mentors are Angela Farmer and Victor von Kooten, Sarah Powers, Karen Hasskarl, Elissa Cobb, Shayla Wright and Albert Chang.  Her teaching style of movement meditation is influenced by Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy®, Qi Gong and advanced Therapeutic Yoga studies. 


International Association of Yoga Therapists
E-RYT 500, Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Research

Movement Therapist – Educator: Body Patterns, Ergonomics, Sports Rehabilitation
Spacial Dynamics Institute – Level 1 
Jaimen McMillan
Focus: Movement Therapy and Movement Education; Body Patterns, Ergonomics, Sports Rehabilitation
North America: Canada, United States

Ganesha Springs International Yoga Foundation Teacher
Angela Farmer & Victor von Kooten
Focus: Women’s Mental Health; Trauma Recovery and Building Resiliency
Europe: Greece
North America: Canada, United States

Yoga Therapist & Therapeutic Yoga Educator
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy® –

Karen Hasskarl, Elissa Cobb, Soleil Hepner, Beth Dovey-Triano, Jen Munyer, Carol Capper, Amy Archinal
Focus: Women’s Health, Trauma Recovery and Building Resiliency
North America: Canada, United States

Restorative Yoga Teacher – level II
Swan & Nevah (Wendy) Eyton
Focus: Rest and the Role it Plays in Regeneration; Understanding the Nervous System and Life Impacts; Resiliency Support and Rebound Management
North America: Canada

Hatha Yoga Teacher
Vancouver School of Yoga – a division of Vancouver School of Bodywork & Massage
Dan Clement – Anusara Inspired Yoga Teacher Training
Maggie Reagh, Bernie Clark, Lauren (Hanna) Roegele, Wade Imre Morissette,
Carol Wray, Naomi Clement, Eion Finn
Focus: Public Health; Yoga In Recovery
North America: Canada

Advanced Restorative Yoga Teacher
Relax & Renew® Trainer
Judith Hanson Lasater
Focus: Advanced Relax & Renew Trainer®; Yoga Therapeutics Working With Specific Populations; Sleep Support and Stress Management
North America: United States

Reiki – First and Second Degree
Harue Kinemitsu

Current Employment:

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
Supporting new therapists in the process of using the body as a resource to integrate personal life experience

Supporting the expansion of Canadian programming

Restorative Yoga Instructor
Looking Glass Residence – Treatment for Eating Disorders
Canada’s first residential treatment centre for youth & young adults
Program Design & Development

Restorative Yoga Instructor
Providence Health Care – St Paul’s Hospital
Inpatient Eating Disorders
Program Design & Development
Yoga Therapist
Sitka Physio & Wellness

Therapeutic Restorative Yoga
Program Design & Development
Mentor – Restorative Yoga Vancouver
Peer Practicum & Community Classes
Program Design & Development

Past Employment:

Yoga Instructor
Providence Health Care – St Paul’s Hospital

Outpatient Healthy Heart Yoga
Program Design & Development

Restorative Yoga Instructor

Fraser Health – Burnaby Hospital
Private Contract
Program Design & Development

Restorative Yoga Instructor
Providence Health Care – Holy Family Hospital
Private Contract
Program Design & Development

Yoga Therapist & Care Aid
Multiple Sclerosis Support
Private Contract
Program Design & Development

Current Volunteer Experience:

Community Outreach Mentor 
Running Community Programs
Start Up Yoga Programming – in various settings to support marginalized populations
Fostering Partnerships

Rehabilitation Trainer & Restorative Yoga Instructor
Original Yin – Gym & Wellness Center

Past Volunteer Experience:

Restorative Yoga Instructor
Unitarian Church of Vancouver
Adult Mental Health Program
Program Design & Development

Yoga Instructor
Providence Health Care – St Paul’s Hospital
Outpatient Chronic Pain
Program Design & Development

Restorative Yoga Instructor
Vancouver Coastal Health – Vancouver General Hospital

Private Contract

Restorative Yoga Instructor
Vancouver Coastal Health – GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre
Private Contract

Restorative Yoga Instructor
Retired Canadian National Team Athlete – Wheelchair Racing
Private Contract


Qi Gong
Original Yin – Gym & Wellness Centre
Albert Chang – Ninth Year Study
Focus: Qi Gong, Rest in Recovery, Sleep Support and Stress Management
North America: Canada, United States

Yoga Therapeutics – Advanced Training
Judith Hanson Lasater – Tenth Year Study
Focus: Understanding Exhaustion and Mood Management, Working with Specialized Populations
North America: Canada, United States

The Somayog Teaching Center
Yoga, Feldenkrais, Somatics
Shayla Wright
Is interested in exploring a more embodied and integrated approach to spiritual practice. 

Shayla developed a style centring on a contemplative approach to yoga, based in nondual presence, and working with the whole field of energy and feelings.

She was a senior teacher and coach for many years the International Meditation Institute where she worked with individuals and small groups, helping people, through a process of creative expression and deep meditation, to find their own authentic voice, and to to engage in spiritual inquiry. She has done in-depth research on practices related to spiritual bypassing, and practiced intensively with Adya Shanti, Peter Fenner, Byron Katie, Osho and Mother Teresa.

► Nondual Awareness
► Nondual Meditation
► Nondual Inquiry
► Buddhist Psychology
► Beyond Mindfulness
► Integration with Everyday Life
► Close, Warm, Loving Community

Focus: Yoga Therapeutics; Women’s Mental Health; Yoga For Recovery and Resiliency
North America: Canada


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