Focus: Yoga in Recovery and Rehabilitation


Private Sessions, Classes and Programs in Clinic and Hospital Settings

Regrouping with the body after injury or impact can be challenging . . .

Reconnecting with health and wellbeing is possible . . .

Restorative Yoga:
• meditative movement & stillness

• yoga postures using props & pillows
• relaxation training & deep resiliency

Yin Rehabilitation:
• training for ease, vitality, health & recuperation
• self care by encouraging ability & understanding personal limits
• a simple method to unwind tension & let go of holding patterns

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy:
• self awareness, acknowledgement & authentic insight
• gentle movement with personal preferences & reflections
• cultivate personal choice & communication

Restorative Yoga Therapy:
• understand how deep rest effects all aspects of health
• a way to support the body to come back to balance & invite ease of movement

• injury support & customized recovery programs

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2 thoughts on “Focus: Yoga in Recovery and Rehabilitation

  1. I’ve been Christy’s client for almost five years. Together we have created a yoga practice that I can practice in my home, tailored to my personal needs. I have regular restorative yoga sessions as well as occasional Phoenix Rising therapy sessions to supplement my regular practice. Christy is able to meet me at my level of ability and readiness, adding more depth and complexity as I am able. I highly recommend restorative yoga and Christy as a generous, thoughtful and talented facilitator and teacher.

  2. LoveThat !

    This is exactly what I need as an every to day exercise for the body, soul and mind.

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